Married Life

Date Night?

When we first got married Mike and I lived downtown in a cool little neighborhood called The Westside. It was a quaint little tucked away neighborhood. Quickly our favorite restaurant The Westside Local took hold of us. We would walk there…on Tuesday for a date. Tuesday! Or we’d make dinner together and have a bottle of wine and talk all through that and then pour another glass after and hit the couch for hours talking….without interruption.

Fast forward a few years and a few glorious children, we are hard pressed to get in a date night 1-2 times per month. I mean we get creative and will open that bottle of wine after dinner but we’re wiped out that a little wine and we may end up in bed by 930pm.

CDate nights are imperative but how to we get those in more without family close by? We haven’t figured that out yet…but we’re trying.

More stuff to come…

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